Assessing the Risks

Our unique '4 Dimensional View' of risk management produces an unrivalled breadth and depth of assessment.




Known Issues such as waste management, pollution




Issues the business consider might be an issue, but which have not yet been identifed by external stakeholders




Issues that are emerging on the regulatory radar but have yet to be assessed within the business




A risk based assessment of lines of business, with scenario analysis, to ascertain more extreme events

Our Services

  • Identification of risks and ESG potential impact inherent in the Business Model and associated operational plans
  • Assessment of those risks
  • Stress and Scenario testing
  • Development of suitable metrics and meaningful management information

A ‘risk’ is the threat that any event or action will impede or adversely affect any firm’s ability to achieve it's objectives or to successfully execute it’s strategies.


These risks may manifest themselves in a wide variety of ways and from both internal and external sources.


Typically, risks can be  grouped into related categories and will include interrelated ‘sub risks’. A common articulation is shown here.


Sustainability is no different. In each engagement, we work from the 'Top Down' as well as the 'Bottom Up' to ensure that all potential risks, hazards and issues are identified, assessed and prioritised. We do this in 4 Dimensions.

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